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DID YOU KNOW...Only one in four learner drivers will pass their driving test at the first attempt
Before you leave this website we are going to show you how to pass first time .

How To Save £500 On Passing Your Driving Test

Before we get onto how to pass your driving test at the first go ( you can read that below) we are going to show you how to save over £500 on pass your driving test.
While some learner drivers are looking for cheap driving lessons in Reading, and perhaps saving £1 or £2 a driving lesson,maybe £4 if you are lucky (or unlucky as you are going to find) We are gong to show you how to save over £500 on passing your driving test. That money could go towards your new car.

Be weary of driving schools with special deals. Now we want to be very careful here because some of these driving instructors in Reading with special deals are nice people but are trapped into these offers. It is important to tell you a driving school costs around £13 to run. That should cover marketing, the driving school franchise fees, the car, insurance, fuel, business services and tax. So if you see a driving school where they are offering  deal with £10 an hour driving lessons, what is going to happen?

You have got some questions to ask.
How good is the driving lesson?
Will you be sharing the car with another learner?
How long is the lesson?
Will you be doing any driving?
How will they make any profit?
Can you take all of your driving lessons in one go?

These are all reasonable questions to consider. What usually happens is several of the hours you have paid for are not made available to you until you get close to your driving test. So what if you do not like the driving instructor? You can quite easily waste £50 to £100 by losing out on lessons, learning very little and needing an assessment driving lesson with another school.

Can you afford to take driving lessons? If you can't, our advice is to save up. You can now see cheap driving lessons don't do anything for you, and if you are going to take driving lessons from time to time it is going to cost you a fortune.

The best way to save £200 in driving lessons alone is to make sure you are taking two to four hours of lessons a week. This will not mean you need more driving lessons, it means you will probably need fewer driving lessons in Reading. The average number of hours needed to pass your driving test is a whopping 67 hours of training. 20 hours of private practice and 47 hours of professional tuition. However if you are going to take two to four hours of driving lessons every week, you can have a massive impact on the savings you make.

If you are going to do 10 weeks of private practice that could easily cost £30 a week. That's £300. And you stand every chance to reduce the number of professional hours needed from 47 to something like 40 or less. There are no guarantees but it stands to reason that if you are not skipping lessons and doing 2 hours a week, you will remember more,forget less and need fewer driving lessons.

You also want to pass your driving test the first time, and because you are about to learn how, that will also save you in the region of £300.

How To Pass Your Driving Test First Time.

A good driving instructor in Reading is going to say "Do not worry about passing first time, learning to drive safe is more important" and while they are right it is not exactly the news you wanted to hear. So we are going to give you best advice on how to get your driving licence at the first attempt.

In your first driving lesson  we are going to show you four factors we want you to use on every driving lesson. These factors are really simple and will get you driving like a natural, so when you go to your driving test you know the examiner is going to love you.

1. To be in control of the car at all times
2. To be aware of potential hazard and to adjust your driving accordingly
3. To obey the Highway Code
4. To have the mindset of a safe and friendly driver.

That's it. Not hard is it? So what we do on your driving lessons is use this simple framework on everything you are going to learn.
Before you go to the driving test you want to be sure you are going to pass, therefore e have a checklist for you.

1. To have completed your learning to drive syllabus
2. To be driving without the help of your instructor
3. To have passed a mock test.

We make learning to drive simple and we are going to do everything in our power to make sure you go into your driving test fully prepared and confident.

All you need to do is pick up the phone and call us. We can answer your questions and give you plenty of support.

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