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CONFIDENCE BUILDING LESSONS FOR DRIVING: We are going to help you feel comfortable and take control

How long have you been waiting to drive and pass your test but have been held back due to feeling nervous or anxious about the prospect of driving. There are actually many good reasons for you to feel like the way you do, not forgetting of course you as a human being were not designed to do this. Its only in the last few years of the human race have we been able to travel so fast...always remember that.

Now your feelings are important to you, and you feel anxious for very good reasons so before you start to learn to drive you are very welcome to share your thoughts with us. In fact it would be nice to know where your comfort zone is because that is where we will do your learning. 

Our lessons are great for you because we allow you through the natural development of learning to drive to push back your boundaries. This means we don't push you into anything you are not comfortable with and of course at all times you are kept safe by your driving instructor.

The right thing for you to do is to pick up the phone and give us a call, then we will be able to give you immediate over the phone support as well.