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DRIVING TEST RESCUE: Turning Failure Into Success

For some time you have been spending a lot of money on learning to drive and sadly you have ben failing your driving test. Today Martin Shalls Driver Training present you the solution to your problems. The reason why you have been failing your tests is because...

1. You were not driving independently before your driving test and therefore not prepared and confident.

2. On the driving test you were unable to spot hazards and change your driving accordingly.

3. You were not in total control of the car at all times.

These are the main reasons for failing the driving test and with our expert course of test rescue driving lessons we can resolve your issue very quickly. Here is how the course works and how we turn you into a safe driver with the ability to pass the driving test.

Understanding Your Issues
You will have an initial free telephone consultation worth £20 to determine the reasons behind your recent test fails along with suggestions on how to fix that. It is very important for you to share your thoughts, but you do not need to be technical, just tell us what happened and why you think it happened. You may be surprised at how we reply and how easy this all starts to become.

1 Hour Assessment
The next step is for you to show us your skills. You are under no pressure here what so ever,what you are able to do is based on what you have been taught, so if you make mistakes we do not see them as your fault, you are only making mistakes based upon the skills and knowledge you have been able to learn. Remember we expect to see mistakes because that is why you have not yet passed.

After the assessment we will work on a few of your areas and the assessment will be the first part of an overall 2 hour lesson. At the end of the 2 hours you will have identified all of your issues, started to correct them, feel happier because you have seen progress and will have been presented with a lesson plan.

Your Journey To Success

The driving test rescue is a 10 hour course, which includes the 2 hours needed for your test, leaving 4 training periods. The first period is assessment and correction. Periods 2, 3 and 4 are for correction, understanding and confidence building with the 5th period for the driving test. Extra sessions can be booked but are not usually needed.

How Much Is The Course

Every time you have failed your driving test it can cost you around £300 for a new test and remedial lessons, but so far you have not found a specialist course to answer your problems and to change the driver that you currently are. Our 10 hour expert driving test rescue course is £400 and will give you everything you don't currently have. So far he methods you have tried, despite your best attempts have not succeeded, but please remember that was not your fault, you can only learn from what you have been taught...Put that right and call us today.