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Marshalls Driver Training - Beginner Lessons

PART TRAINED: Have you already started to learn to drive but have not got your licence?

Your journey to passing your driving test has already started but for some reason you now need to change driving school and what you would really like is to be able to use the skills you have, rather than need to start all over again. You have no worries there, in fact we look forward to seeing what skills you have, help you polish them up and add in the new skills you need so you can pass your driving test.

Marshalls Driver Training recognise the driving test is all about safe driving and it is our mantra. When you join our driving school we will use your driving skills as a platform for you to be a safe driver so you can go on to pass your driving test.

First of all we would like to know what you have learned, how many lessons you have taken (roughly) and when you were last taking lessons. Then on your first lesson we will build you a personal lesson plan based on your current driving ability, that will help you save time and money...Good isn't it.

So pick up the phone and give us a call now